About The Comptroller's Council

The Comptroller Council of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a collegiate, independent, with full functional, administrative and organizational autonomy, created by the Legitimate National Assembly by mandate of the Special Law of the Fund for the Liberation of Venezuela and Attention to Vital Risk Cases, for which purpose the Law for the Organization and Functioning of the Council of the Comptroller, published in Legislative Gazette No. 21 dated 21 of May 2020.

Among its main attributions, the Comptroller Council has the following:

  1. Ensure compliance with this Law, the Organic Law of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic and the National System of Fiscal Control and other laws related to this matter.
  2. Exercise the control, surveillance and supervision of the resources from the goods and assets of the Republic that have been the object of rescue, as well as the operations related to them.
  3. Ensure the correct administration of the assets of the Republic that have been rescued through the mechanisms provided in the national and international legal system.
  4. Carry out audits, inspections and any type of fiscal reviews in the agencies and entities subject to its control in accordance with the provisions of this Law.
  5. Elaborate its budget and submit it to the approval of the Presidency in Charge and the National Assembly.
  6. Present an annual report to the National Assembly, in plenary session, and the reports that at any time are requested by the National Assembly.
  7. To dictate the regulatory norms on the structure, organization, competence and operation of the directorates and other dependencies of the Council of the Comptroller of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  8. Hire consulting and auditing studies under conditions pre-established by its members and ensure that the final reports are prepared in accordance with national and international auditing standards.
  9. Plan and control the execution of the projects and works that they contract.
  10. To dictate regulatory norms in the matters of its competence.
  11. The rest the the Law and Regulations indicate.

In the exercise of its functions, the Comptroller's Council of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will not be subordinate to any other body of the Public Power and is made up of a Special Comptroller, who presides over it, and by 4 additional members, all of them appointed by the Assembly. National.

The Special Comptroller, in charge of presiding over the Comptroller's Council, is Dr. Juan Pablo Soteldo, married and father of 3 children. Soteldo is a Lawyer, graduated from the University of Carabobo, Expert in Local Public Management and Management from the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain; Master in Public Management and Management from the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain; Master in Political Science, Planning and Regional Development from the Bicentennial University of Aragua, Venezuela. In addition, he is a Management Auditor for the Organization of American States (O.E.A), University Professor, Public Sector Advisor and during the period from 1998 to 2014, he performed functions as Controller in the States of Lara, Zulia and Carabobo

Aditionally, the Comptroller's Council has 4 other members: